Who Am I?

I'm Sebastian Moon, a 37 yr old single resident of Ringwood since 2016, with a background in Client Liaison service and Logistics.  In my relatively short time coming from Vermont South I've seen a lot of Ringwood, and a lot that can be improved! I've decided to run as Councillor within McAlpin Ward for two main reasons, to get the work done, and the residents to start reaping the benefits! My first call of duty, is to help lessen the stifling and unnecessary delays Council is known for. I want to provide immediate action on filling pot-holes plaguing the streets,  increase lighting where needed, create safe havens for children and domestic violence victims,  fast-track small business applications and for home owners to run a quiet law abiding business without overbearing bureaucratic interference. It is through my discussions within the McAlpin Community, with small businesses and residents, that the time has come for a much needed bolt of energy, capability, and simply getting the job done!


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If elected as your Councillor in 2020, I want to ensure no one has to experience the excruciating, bureaucratic nightmare of waiting, waiting for inspections, nitpicking over the slightest measurement in placement or size. There will always be clear-cut approvals and rejections, and those that need more detailed attention, but no resident should be put through the rigmarole of bureaucratic stalling and red-tape! Vote 1 Sebastian MOON for quick decisions!


Does Council look after your roads? Not all... To put it simply, Vic Roads look after the highways and Main roads (or arterial roads) and the Council takes care of the suburban local roads. No resident should have to experience the very unpleasant thump or crunch of their car wheel hitting a pot hole or protruding bitumen and then needing a minimum $60 wheel alignment service done. If elected Councillor, please call me the moment you see a local road issue, no matter how small, and I will do my utmost to get it fixed immediately.

0482 721 806


I OPPOSE the 2% Rate rise in the City of Maroondah.

I look forward to serving all residents of McAlpin Ward if elected in October. No matter your political affiliation, religious beliefs, or bank balance, the number 1 aim of a Councillor should be to serve... Serve unconditionally and without reservation. End to End Service is what I will provide, and I want you to message or call me directly, no matter how big or small your issue or job required is. 0482 721 806.

If you are a fed up with the slow turning cogs of Council bureaucracy and want to get back to basics! Vote 1 Sebastian Moon in October, and I'll fight for you!
















Average rental price in the City of Maroondah for 2020 is;

Ringwood $438 PW
Croydon $440 PW
Ringwood North $490 PW
Ringwood East $430 PW
Bayswater $390 PW
Warrandyte $600 PW

(source: RealEstate.com.au)

Less than 5 minutes away in Mitcham, average rents are $450 PW with the median house price being $1,015,000, whilst the most expensive area in Maroondah has Warrandyte's median house price at $1,100,000, with the remainder of Maroondah at a median house price of $800,000.

One of my key policies is to help boost land value so retirees, empty nesters, and families looking to invest can all benefit, but this absolutely should not be done at the exploitation of renters.

RENTS will go up when the RATES go up, a landlord has not much choice, but let's keep it fair and comparative to neighbouring suburbs. Rent stress especially in these difficult times is tough, but it can be less stressful if kept relative to wages and median house prices. We want to grow the City of Maroondah and McAlpin Ward, not drive people away.

Let's keep it fair!


Contact Me

Please call or email me for any council related issues, and I will discuss my solution if elected as your Councillor.


Ringwood VIC 3134, Australia



0482 721 806


Ringwood VIC 3134, Australia

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